Key West, FL

Full Moon Sails

Full Moon Sails Enjoy a magical evening with us for a Key West full moon sail.  Cruise at night for a romantic boat ride and take in the vast sky of twinkling stars and a moon that will leave you breathless.  Have you ever watched the Full Moon rise over the Ocean? This is a rare magical Key West event. Sail aboard the 105 foot Schooner America 2.0 under the glow of a full moon off the coast of Key West. Romantic and peaceful, snuggle up next to your loved one and enjoy a glass of Champagne. Listen to the lapping of the water up against the hull of the boat and take in the shimmer of the Ocean as it dances in the moonlight of this beautiful once a month event. Sailing at night for a Key West Full Moon sail will be an experience that will last a life time.  It will be both awe inspiring and breathtaking and you are sure to talk about it for years to come. 

Key West Full Moon Sail

Full Moon Sail Aboard Schooner America 2.0

A Key West Full Moon Sail is sure to take your breath away.  Take to the Key West waters by Full Moon Light!! This romantic, moonlight sailing adventure is yours aboard Key West’s most stunning sailboat, the 105-foot wooden schooner, America 2.0. America 2.0 features teak decks, mahogany-trimmings, and just under 3600 square feet of canvas! Sit back and relax on this Key West Full Moon Sail while she slices through the evening, basking in the golden moonlight that dances in the night waters. This special sail features complimentary beer, wine, champagne, soda, and water. Guests are encouraged to make the most of the event by bringing aboard their own picnic!

  Duration: 1.5 hrs   Boat: America 2.0   Cost: Adult $45